* Notice: following the adoption of Bill 10, the list of the new commissioners and their contact details will be updated as soon as possible.


CISSS de la Montérégie-Centre (territoire Champlain—Charles-Le Moyne)

Mme Louise Hardy

Commissaire aux plaintes et à la qualité des services
3120, boulevard Taschereau
Greenfield Park (Québec) J4V 2H1

450 466-5434



CISSS de la Montérégie-Est   Pour Pierre-Boucher

Mme Sylvianne Doré

Commissaire aux plaintes et à la qualité des services 
1215, chemin du Tremblay, bureau 220, local 2270
Longueuil (Québec) J4N 1R4
450 468-8447 ou 1-844-302-8447
Adresse courriel : [plaintes.cisssme16@ssss.gouv.qc.ca]



CISSS de la Montérégie-Ouest

Madame Alexandrine Côté
Commissaire aux plaintes et à la qualité des services

200, boul. Brisebois

Châteauguay (Québec) J6K 4W8
450 699-2425, poste 2462 ou 1-800-700-0621

Adresse courriel : [insatisfactions-plaintes.cisssmo16@ssss.gouv.qc.ca]


Commissaire aux plaintes, Accueil du Rivage :

Madame Hélène Poirier,450 324-2044 


Commissaire aux plaintes, Centre Marcelle Ferronc inc. :

Madame Micheline Chandonnet, 450 923-1430 poste 1004


Commissaire aux plaintes, Centre d'hébergement Champlain (Groupe Champlain inc). :

Madame Hélène Poirier, 514 324-2044


Commissaire aux plaintes, Centre hospitalier Kateri Mémorial (Conseil des Mohaws de Kahnawake). :

Madame Lynda Delisle (interim) 450 638-3930 poste 202


Commissaire aux plaintes, Vigi Santé :

Madame Bonnie Helwer, 514 684-0930, poste 1439 


Commissaire aux plaintes, Santé Courville de Waterloo :

Madame Carole Gagnon, 450 627-7990 poste 249


Commissaire aux plaintes, Résidence Sorel-Tracy :

Madame Sophie Himbeault, 450 742-9427




Commissaire aux plaintes, Centre d'hébergement Revera Argyle :

Madame Gisèle Lacoste, 450 371-9920 poste 2280


Commissaire aux plaintes, Centre de soins de la Gare :

Madame Lucette Bertrand, 514 393-8974

[email protected]


Commissaire aux plaintes, Résidence Bourg-Joli inc. :

Madame Chantal Desfossés


Commissaire aux plaintes, IAKHIHSOHTHA Lodge (Conseil Mohawk d'Akewsasne) :

Madame Patricia Adiaconikei, 613 575-2507  poste 3

[email protected]  


Commissaire aux plaintes, Maison des Aîné(e)s :

Madame Gisèle Lacoste, 450 371-9920 poste 2280


Commissaire aux plaintes, Manoir Harwood:

Monsieur Michael Bury , 450 455-6171 poste 148


Commissaire aux plaintes, Manoir Soleil (de Chambly) :

Madame Huguette Dupuis, 450 632-5225



Commissaire aux plaintes, CRDI Montérégie-Est (CRDI-TED) :

Monsieur Jean Pinsonneault, 450 928-5125 poste 15002


Commissaire aux plaintes, Centre de réadaptation en dépendance Foster :

Madame Sylvie Côté, 450 928-5125 poste 15002


Commissaire aux plaintes, Centre jeunesse de la Montérégie (CJM) :

Monsieur Jean Pinsonneault, 450 928-5125 poste 15165


Commissaire aux plaintes, Institut Nazareth et Louis-Braille (INLB) :

MadameSylvie Côté, 450 928-5125 poste 15002


Commissaire aux plaintes, Le VIrage, réadaptation en alcoolisme et toxicomanie :

Madame Sylvie Côté, 450 928-5125 poste 15002


Commissaire aux plaintes, Service de réadaptation du Sud-Ouest et du Renfort (SRSOR) :

Monsieur Jean Pinsonneault, 450 928-5125 poste 15002




Commissaire aux plaintes, CHSLD Saint-Lambert sur le Golf:

Monsieur Antoine Samir Naoum, 450 672-3975 poste 209










May 24th, 2017

24e AGA 2017


November 30, 2016

Networking, connecting and getting healthy on South Shore!


Laughter is the Food of Life, the 3rd annual Health Promotion Fair took place on October 29th in Brossard with 45 kiosks featuring interactive workshops, exhibits, and health related demonstrations. The diversity of kiosks is part of what makes this event so special where there is something for families, children, youth, seniors and the community at large. The main goal of this event was to promote health and nutrition while connecting the Montérégie English-speaking communities to the bilingual health services they are looking for, along with health tips and tools, crucial to a healthy lifestyle. This year’s guest speaker was Albert Nerenberg, an award-winning film director, journalist, entertaining speaker and one of the world’s top experts on laughter. He teaches new laughter techniques to groups all over the world. He says, "If you are what you eat, maybe you are what you act!"


This annual event is one of the ways in which the Assistance and Referral Centre for Health and Social Services (ARC) works towards its main objectives to contribute, connect, and share resources and information that supports community engagement and promotes community vitality in a meaningful and timely way. The success of this event is not only by connecting the community to the services but also by connecting the health and social service providers and community organizations to each other, making the fair an engaging networking opportunity that simply brings everybody together. Although this event highlights the vast array of services available it also still shows that there is still much work to do around access to bilingual services.


ARC would like to thank the planning committee, guest speakers, exhibitors, and guests, along with a special thank you to volunteers from Our Harbour for preparing the nutritious lunches. The success of the event came from collaboration with our partners and our community.


The event was organized by ARC in collaboration with the Montérégie English-speaking Regional Health and Social Services Partnerships Table and is made possible with Health Canada funding through the Community Health and Social Services Network (CHSSN).