Everybody may need to result, at one time or another, to services provided by the healthcare and social services network. In most cases, they will be treated with understanding and respect of their dignity, their autonomy, their needs and their security. That being said, some services provided may lack in quality and healthcare users are best suited to identify these instances. By reporting the incident, users contribute to better the situation for themselves as well as for following users. The process does not attempt to pinpoint the guilty parties but rather to remedy to a problematic situation.  


How to go about filing a complaint?


According to Article 30, a person may choose to simply report an incident or file a complaint.


First step:


Your complaint must first be reported to the local complaint and quality services commissioner. However, if the filed complaint concerns a community organization, a private residence or ambulance services, you will have to notify the regional complaint and quality services commissioner. You may file a verbal or written report. The person responsible in processing your complaint will have a 45-day delay to provide you with an answer. You may also meet someone if you wish to. Upon request, CAAP may accompany you to this meeting.


Second step:

If the answer provided is unsatisfactory, you have a two-year delay to address your case to the Protecteur du citoyen.


Complaint filed against a healthcare network doctor


You must address your complaint to the local institution’s commissioner. A doctor-examiner will process and follow through your complaint within a 45-day delay. If you are unsatisfied with the provided answer, you will dispose of a 60-day delay to present a review request. 


Institutions Subject to Duty :


  Centre intégré de santé et services sociaux (CISSS):

  Hospital Centres

  CLSCs (Centre local de services communautaires)

  CHSLDs (Centre d’hébergement de soins de longue durée)

  Rehabilitation Centres

  Youth Centres


  Foster Homes and Families

  Private Housing Residences;

  Gaming and Addiction Resources





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