What may come of filing a complaint?



It is hard to say with certainty what results may come from filing a complaint. Know that those responsible for handling complaints essentially hold an advisory role on matters relating to the quality of healthcare services. Results also depend on your expectations. Here are some possible outcomes of filing a complaint:

  • Staff training and/or more supervising;
  • Procedure improvements;
  • Resumption or continuation of services;
  • Explanations and apologies.

I was thinking of filing a complaint against an institution professional or employee but am worried about retaliation. Am I really protected?

The healthcare and social services law is crystal clear on the matter: “Reprisals of any kind against people who have lodged a complaint or who intend to do so are prohibited.” The complaint and quality services commissioner or the Protecteur du citoyen are advised and intervene in real time. 

Can a complaint procedure lead to a financial compensation?

No. For financial compensation, you must turn to the justice system. Contact the Quebec Bar for more information.

Can your organization really help me? Are you of connivance with the Hospital?


CAAP Montérégie is an independent organization. All contacts made with the healthcare system are done through your approval and in means of assisting and accompanying you.


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