To inform users of their rights and of the complaint process.


 As a healthcare user, you are entitled to rights that ensure your respect and protection. To be heard, one must speak up. Our counsellors are eager to inform you of your rights. Their disrespect opens the gate to recourses through the complaint examination system. The system has procedural guidelines and certain steps that must be followed. We are available to further explain and discuss these procedures.


To listen to and grasp the object of a complaint.


We are all ears. We knowingly acknowledge that what you are going through or have gone through is not easy. The situation is often complex and should be described in your words and in the order your mind presents its ideas. Our role is to make you comfortable in clarifying, describing and understanding the situation.


To help you prepare your case and write your letter.


Upon users’ requests, CAAP assists those in need of assistance in filing a complaint. We offer to formulate the written complaint. This added expertise helps the different complaint examination bodies in processing the request more efficiently and in facilitating its handling.


To accompany you in meeting the person responsible for processing your complaint.


The complaint examination system consists of many agencies and, in some cases, filing users are called in for an in-person meeting. CAAP is the mandated organization to accompany users in such hearings if requested. In proceeding this way, the user ensures companionship and moral and technical support.


To provide support in other related procedures.


We can offer support and give council to those willing to make their rights’ heard and respected in the healthcare system. For instance, if you do not wish to file an official complaint, our help could entail accessing your file and requesting additional information to the commission of information access.


To refer towards other appropriate services.  


We are all ears and know many other organizations affected to our territory that can come in help to those in need. We will willingly also refer you to different professional orders.


To conduct presentations on user rights.

We offer all our partners the possibility of giving presentations concerning user rights and complaint procedures as they occur in the healthcare and social services system. The service is offered free of cost to willing organizations and our counsellors adapt their discourse in order to better suit the needs and specific clienteles of these organizations.




In all confidentiality, all our services are offered free of cost and with great importance given to quality. Each request is welcomed and processed in respect of our mandate’s limitations and with open-mindedness and a respect of the person’s autonomy in making choices.



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