Good news for residents of private seniors’ residences (RPAs)

TRCAM Newsletter – April 6, 2021

It is now possible for two or more RPA residents to apply to the Tribunal administratif du logement for a rent reduction for a lack of services included in the lease, or to have a clause declared null and void against public policy.

As of now, any group of tenants in the same residence who wish to join together to request a reduction in rent for services not rendered (e.g.: recreation, meals, security, etc.) can make a joint request (see form at: In addition, tenants who are unable to attend court will be able to appoint their neighbors to represent them.

Residents who pay for recreation they no longer receive because of the pandemic can now take advantage of this new addition to the law, which will enable the courts to decide this thorny issue. To date, the vast majority of RPPs have refused to reimburse the cost of services cancelled due to the pandemic.

For further information, please contact the Housing Administrative Tribunal at 514-873-2245. For support or information on how to apply to the TAL to assert your RPA rights, please contact CAAP Montérégie at 450-347-0670 or 1-800-263-0670.

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